Levy Park, Houston

Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Levy Park


Levy Park is the park of all urban parks in Houston. Amazingly reinvented several years ago, it's a prime spot for summer block parties, children programs, free community events, dance classes, family movie nights, and the coolest play structures that keep kids busy for hours. 


This park is a far cry from a traditional playground with cookie-cutter equipment. The award-winning Levy Park is divided into various recreational zones with multi-use spaces to cater to the interests of the whole community.

Park Amenities: 

  • Dog Park
  • Activity Lawn
  • Imaginative Children's Park
  • Community Garden
  • Promenade  
  • Pavilion



This beautifully-designed covered pavilion with the opening for the tree in the middle is a venue for a hundred and one community events: dance classes, workshops, kids bingo, craft hours, story times, and many many others.


Free art and games carts near the pavilion will keep kids in a shade and entertained all summer long.  

Levy Park



Children's Park

My kids can’t get enough of this part of the park.  It boasts a variety of hills with tunnels and climbing features, a spinning Merry Go Round, a spider-like climbing sphere, interactive water structures, and a treehouse platform. Our favorite is a hill with a rock climbing wall on one side and a wide concrete slide for thrill-seekers on the other.  


In summer, those orange interactive tree-like structures pour water from the top, transforming a space into a splash pad. 


Levy Park in Houston


These hills with tunnels take active play to the next level, providing kids with new viewpoints for discovery and physical activity. Gentle slopes make climbing safer for younger kids and ensure fun for everyone. Also, kids love using those hillsides to roll or slide down.


Levy Park, Houston


The treehouse platform is another awesome feature. Hidden in a shade of sprawling live oaks, it provides a bird's-eye view of the park and is a little adventure in itself for kids to cross it. 


Levy Park

Levy Park Houston



Community Garden 

Located by the Side Dough food truck, there's a year-round community garden. Seasonal vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs grow in dozens of crop plots.

Side Dough at Levy Park, Houston



A quiet pocket in the park to escape the crowds, catch up with a friend, have a bite, or read a magazine. Lined with food trucks, trees, magazine and book stands,  it encourages visitors to slow down and recharge. 

Levy Park, Houston


Public art can transform and elevate any space. This hopscotch path is just too cool not to get moving. Created by a Galveston artist Gabriel Prusmack, this sidewalk has been transformed into an open-air gym for kids. 

Levy Park, Houston


Other amenities include a dog park, a few restaurants, bathrooms with changing tables, and plenty of seating  options. 



Free parking is available along Eastside Street and Wakeforest Avenue. Additional public parking is in the Kirby Grove parking garage. Garage rates may apply.



Levy Park, Houston

Where: 3801 Eastside St, Houston, TX 77098


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